In-Car Navigation & Infotainment

The digital transformation of the automotive industry is setting new standards for automotive navigation software while improving both safety and the driving experience. Recognising the importance of connecting the car, the driver, and the external environment, the operators are investing in intuitive and reliable navigation solutions enhanced by a full suite of additional infotainment features.

Our automotive navigation and infotainment software helps car manufactures, car-rental companies, travel agents, cab companies and other interested parties offer accurate navigation and offer an extended suite of additional information and marketing modules.

Delivered as a white label solution, our in-car navigation and infotainment software is fully controlled and managed from a centralised back-end system where the operator can enable modules on demand and deliver updated content in order to enhance the users experience.

A standard configuration will include;

  • High Quality Mapping, Routing and Navigation
  • POI Navigation including Custom POI's

Custom configurations will include:

  • Tour Navigation including Video Guides
  • Featured Locations with Special Offers (Restaurants, Shopping etc)
  • Airport Arrival/Departure Schedule*
  • News Updates*
  • Weather Information*
  • Emergency Button**
  • Two-Way Messaging***


Our software can be installed using the following methods;

  1. Android Mobile Application that is installed in a phone/tablet.
  2. Android Mobile Application allowing the app to be connected to directly on the a car's display. Currently over 500 compatible cars and stereos are supported.
  3. Android-Based Infotainment system that is inbuilt directly into a car system as a stand-alone device optimised for driving providing a seemless experience without the need to connecting a mobile phone.

* WIFI enable tablets required. The software will be able to auto update by receiving small data packets from any public WIFI spot using propriety data update mechanisms.

** Cellular Sim Required. SMS notification will be sent to the operator with coordinates.

*** Cellular Data Required.