Audio Tour Guide

Our Audio Tour Guide is delivered as a white label solution in order to help you deliver your story. Together we will deliver a rich travel experience in an affordable and convenient manner.

Using your custom back-end solution, you will be able to fully manage the mobile application's multilingual content, media, points of interest, offers and other features. Connecting your Audio Tour Guide to our Booking System, you will be able to offer the application to paid only customers where content is unlocked digitally.

Typical usages for our Audio Tour Guide are;

  • Museums
  • Bus tours
  • Boat tours
  • Excursions
  • City Tours

A typical configuration for an Audio Tour Guide will include a custom back-end system to manage;

  • Point of Interest
  • Multilingual Content
  • Audio and Video Files
  • Client GPS Tracking
  • Two-Way Communication

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to suggest an appropriate configuration for your business.