Operations Mobile App

The Operations App is a versatile mobile application designed to streamline and enhance operational efficiency for employees and partners alike. With a suite of powerful features, the app empowers companies to manage jobs, get up-to-date information and communicate seamlessly with their on-field personnel. Through a back-end system, the central office will be able to monitor, communicate and manage all relevant information.

Key Features:

GPS Position Tracking

  • Tracks GPS data and relays position information to a back-end system.
  • Utilizes sophisticated background location-tracking and geofencing technology.
  • Designed for both iOS and Android with battery-conscious motion-detection intelligence.
  • Used for monitoring user location and sharing information with third parties like clients.

Bookings and Tasks

  • Allows users to view and manage their assigned bookings and tasks.
  • Provides a one-touch button for easy communication with the central office for updates.
  • Aims to digitize bookings, reducing paperwork and email communication.
  • Supports importing bookings through file imports or API connections.

Messages and Notifications

  • Users receive messages through push notifications.
  • Sends alerts and notifications to inform users of important changes.


  • Surveys are generated from the central office and sent to users or specific groups for feedback.
  • Can range from simple YES/NO questions to more complex multiple choice or preference-based questions.
  • Survey data includes timestamps and results, which are displayed in the back-end system for analysis.
  • Aims to increase transparency and reduce email and phone communication.

Flight Information Service

  • Enables users to access and subscribe to flight details at prominent airports.
  • Sends notifications when subscribed flight information is updated.
  • Primarily utilised by providers of airport transportation services to stay current with flight-related information

Event Calendar

  • Presents a list of important dates to users.
  • Delivers notifications when there are updates to subscribed flight data.
  • Includes alerts to remind users of key dates.


  • Empowers users to set their availability in advance for a specified number of days.
  • Provides clear visibility of team availability and resource allocation.
  • Optimizes scheduling to ensure efficient resource utilization.

NFC Punch Clock and Events

  • Empowers users to initiate custom actions by scanning their mobile devices against designated NFC tags.
  • Primary application is as an employee punch clock.
  • Additionally, capable of activating custom events in predefined locations

Unique Selling Points

Real-time Collaboration

  • Facilitates seamless, instant communication and task management for better coordination.

Efficient Resource Allocation

  • The Availability Calendar helps users optimize resource usage, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

  • Leverages survey feedback to make informed choices, enhancing processes and service delivery.

Why Choose our Operations App

The Operations App is positioned as a transformative tool for businesses to manage their operations efficiently. It integrates various features into one platform, offering a comprehensive solution for productivity, communication, and decision-making.

The app is available as a white-label mobile application with customizable features based on specific requirements.

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