Revolutionising School Transport: A Comprehensive Solution

Introducing Our Tailor-Made School Transport Management System

Embrace the future of school transportation with CodevLabs Ltd's innovative School Transport Management System. Designed meticulously for Schools, Transportation Companies, and Authorities, our system ensures a seamless and secure process from a parent's application for transport to the meticulous vetting of students, strategic route allocation, and real-time monitoring for both schools and parents.

Harnessing the power of the latest web technologies, our system provides tailored access to all stakeholders involved, featuring intuitive mobile applications for both parents and drivers on iOS and Android platforms.

Elevate School Operations

Schools gain access to a real-time attendance list that integrates transport details and driver locations. This dual visibility into students' pick-up and attendance, alongside the ability to monitor it live, transforms the way schools manage and secure their transportation services.

Streamline Transport Operations

Transport companies will rejoice at the automation capabilities for the enrolling process, with features designed for the digital age—online applications, efficient year-on-year re-enrollment, and smart route planning using visual maps and proximity indicators. The result? A meticulously optimized operation that provides up-to-date route information to parents and schools, along with immediate absentee notifications to drivers via their mobile apps. Plus, the added convenience of sending targeted messages to parents for any transport updates.

Empower Parents

For parents, our system offers peace of mind and control. Through our dedicated app, they can update their child's attendance, track the driver's location in real-time, and oversee the pickup and drop-off process. Communication with drivers is streamlined through in-app messaging, making the exchange of information swift and secure. Parents managing multiple students will find the ability to handle all their needs through a single application particularly beneficial.

Why Choose CodevLabs' School Transport Management?

  • For Schools: Enhance safety and oversight with live attendance tracking and driver location monitoring.
  • For Transport Companies: Transform your operational efficiency with automated enrollments, smart route planning, and direct communication with drivers and parents.
  • For Parents: Gain unparalleled access to your child's school transport status, with the ability to communicate directly with drivers and manage attendance updates.

Let's redefine the journey to education with unmatched efficiency and security. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our School Transport Management System and take the first step towards a smarter, safer school commute.