School Transport Management

Our tailor-made school management system is designed for Schools, Transportation companies, and Authorities. Our system will handle the full process starting from the parent's application for transport, student vettings, and route allocation to transport monitoring for schools and parents.

Our system uses the latest web technologies and different access will be available to parties. Parents and Drivers mobile applications are available on iOS and Android.

What are the benefits for a School?

Schools can monitor a live attendance list with transports details and driver location. Students' pick up and attendance status can also be monitored.

What are the benefits for a Transport Company?

Transport companies will be able to automate the yearly enrolling process through online applications and re-applications year on year. Drivers and Routes can be created to efficiently operate their fleet. Students can be visually allocated to different routes using maps and proximity indicators. Final routes will be available to the parents and schools. Any absentees on the day will be instantly available to the drivers on their mobile applications. The transport company can send message to selected parents when they need to inform them about any changes.

What are the benefits for Parents?

Parents will be able to update their child's attendance status using a mobile app. Additionally, they can monitor the driver's location and child pickup and dropoff status. They can also send messages to the driver, update student information and manage multiple students through the same mobile app.