Online Booking System

Our online booking engine can be integrated to your existing website or introduced as part of a new branding project. Expose your products or services online and maintain all details through your customised back-end system. You will be able to manage your operations by automating administration and manual tasks.

Our booking engine can be used in various travel and hospitality companies including Ground Transport companies, Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Service Providers.

Implementation will involve a complimentary Systems Analysis of all your digital architecture to allow for a strategic implementation of your new booking engine. More often than not, the booking system will need to communicate with your existing systems to streamline existing data such as automating or processing bookings using custom Automation tools.

Live Availability

Using a centralised backend system you will be able to manage stock levels and availability with ease. This will make sure that all your channels including your Websites and Mobile apps will always have up-to-date information. Reduce endless emails and phones by allowing your agents and interested parties to login to your system, check availability and make reservations. Similarly, your providers can also get access to custom reporting that is relevant to their day to day operation.

Digital Receipt

The online booking system will issue a digital receipt to your customer where they can manage their purchase online. Using handheld scanners you can scan Qr-codes on mobile devices or printed receipts in order to process your services. This touch-point can also be used to introduce a Travel Assistant app to your customers. This app will accompany your customer throughout the journey allowing you to manage and provide additional services and value to your customer.

Dispatch, Allocation & Tracking

If your operation or service requires the allocation of assets or personnel, you will be able to maintain and allocate through your back-end accordingly. Your providers will be able to log-in to your system using mobile devices and get all the required information on the go. Through the mobile devices, you will be able to monitor services and job statuses, position tracking and send push notifications directly to you personnel.

Affiliate Referrals and Commissions

Increase your sales by offering a referral commission to your agents and interested sellers. All referrals and commissions are tracked on your back-end system through your website or booking channels.